Design and production of crockery through tool Polymorphic Mold  (Final degree project). 


The Petra crockery was developed from the first pieces created with the machine. Initially the idea was to show the versatility of the tool through pieces that are part of the same family, with different size and shape and that respond to different functions. The products were designed following the concept of the relationship of material with nature. The use of purely organic forms with a texture that reminds to mineral strata in mountains, to the erosion produced by water and wind in rocks, to salt mines and to the pass of time. In this way it is intended to transport the user to the mineral origin of the material and to give value to the product. 

Later, the pieces continued to be developed with the aim of marketing them in haute cuisine restaurants.

Prizes & Expositions

- First prize Rado Starprize Spain

- Expo Tribute to Etel Adnan, L&B gallery.

- Expo Rado Starprize, Madrid Design Fest

- Crafts Now, Design Museum, Barcelona.

-TL Mag


-Arquitectura y diseño

-T Magazine The New York Times

-Talento a bordo