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Redefining Immersion Cooling

Work as Industrial Designer and Mechanical Engineer in Submer developing the SmartPodX, XL and XL+. Developed end to end, from requirements and first concepts up to industrialization.

The SmartPodX is the first patented liquid immersion cooling solution for servers to fully submerge the Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) in the cooling fluid. This incredible breakthrough allows for simple SmartCDU "cool-swap" without interrupting submerged hardware operations.

A single SmartPodX can be deployed with 1 or 2 CDU's, allowing for unrivalled resiliency by supplying 2 independent electrical and water feeds to each SmartCDU. This allows to dissipate up tp 100KW per SmartPod.

Submer also delivers a crane solution to easily extract and replace both SmartCDU's and IT Hardware without effort.

SmartPods can be easily deployed indoor or outdoor with minimum facility requirements. Submer's solution can be deployed by connecting to existing data center water loops orleveraging unrivalled PUE by using warm water loops that don't require chillers or compressors.


SmartPods can operate in any climate across the Globe without chillers. Hook them up to dry-coolers or adiabatic cooling towers and benefit from 90% savings in cooling costs with a full installation PUE < 1.03.


Smart Pod X

Smart Pod XL

Smart Pod XL +

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