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Next generation Data Centers.

Why and For What?

Higher performance

As the world technifys the need of higher processes capacitys in Data Centers (DCs) increase. According to Moores law the number of transistors in a microprocessor doubles every 2 years.

Legacy air cooling systems have physically a cooling limit which is already being reached as servers keep denisfying.

Synthetic based biodegradable fluids have a much higher capacity of heat extraction than air and enable the development of future dense technologies with higher power consumptions.

As legacy racks could reach 15kw - 22kw, immersion tanks can easily reach 100kw - 200kw of power density in the same footprint.


The planet and the people are demanding a planet centric design approach where an holistic sostenibility is mandatory. The current waste of water in a DC and the amount of energy consumption and inefficiencys are just unacceptable.


Immerssion cooling system are much efficient and energy saving (PUE = 1.03) from an operative persepective reducing massively TCOs.


The use of closed loops hydraulic circuits avoids any water waste.


Heat reuse for district, greenhouse or other types of heating is a real option as higher densitys enable the extraction of higher temperatures for many purposes.


Current Data Centers need huge spaces and infraestructures ad.hoc built to support high density computing. Generally DCs have to be built in cold places to meet both energy and sostenibility demands causing high latencys and becoming a blocker for the development of certaing technologies such as 5G.

Modular immersion closed tank solutions give a flexible plug and play option for data management and cooling anywhere without the time and cost for huge infraestructures to be built.

Moreover the fluid capacity of heat extraction enables the flexibility to place DCs anywhere without a so demanding climatological requirements.

Also heat extraction capacity affects directly to space and felxibility densifying the power in space.


SmartPods are modular immersion cooling racks with independent cooling systems for servers in DCs.

They are the first products for a new technological era change in DCs.

I've worked as product designer and mechanical engineer in Submer for 4+ years designing and developing the SmartPod X, XL and XL+ core product family line amongst others proyects and products end to end.


Smart Pod X

Smart Pod XL

Smart Pod XL +




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